vmwClient is handy and intuitive Android application purposed for the remote, efficient and secure VMWare infrastructure management.

vmwClient™ is handy and intuitive Android™ application purposed for the remote, efficient and secure management of VMware vSphere® infrastructure.

Note: The FREE license from VMware® installed on vCenter Server™/ESXi™ FORBIDS VM/host power on/off, reboot and other operations which change the state of the inventory objects. Only inventory monitoring (e.g. performance, summary etc.) is available under the FREE vCenter Server/ESXi license while connecting from the third-party apps. This restriction is the official VMware, Inc. policy regarding ALL third-party vSphere client applications.

Key features

•Supports vSphere 5.1
•No any additional software like proxies, mediators or extra VMware configuration required as vmwClient accesses vCenter Server/ESX(i) instances directly as the original vSphere client does.
•Easy to handle and intuitive interface.
•Simultaneous management of multiple vCenters and standalone hosts. vmwClient can hold connections to several servers at the same time and does not require performing logout when switching to another host.
•vmwClient allows to store numerous credentials and host configurations.
•Well-granulated network operations. vmwClient loads only required inventory information at a time.
•Connecting to VM desktops over VNC® protocol.
•Editing of VM virtual hardware: processor num, memory, SCSI controllers, hard disks, CDs, video card.
•Browsing of datastore mounts on ESX(i) over SSH
•VM snapshot management - full support

Available commands and options

•The basic VM/host management operations - start, stop, reset, summary etc.
•Real-time performance capturing of the VMs/hosts virtual/physical hardware parameters.
•Real-time collecting of the basic events for the currently browsed inventory elements.
•vMotion support.
•VM desktop screenshot capturing and controlling over VNC.
•The following datastore file operations supported: browse, download/upload, delete, cut/paste, rename, etc.
•Editing of VM settings(virtual hardware).
• VM snapshot management - take a snapshot, revert to the current snapshot, browse snapshot tree, delete/delete all, edit info, go to a snapshot


•Those who get “License Check Error” on app startup please check the following:
1. You are trying to use app being logged in to same Google account you used to purchase the app.
2. You have stable Internet connection - this is required only on first app startup (after reboot or long app idle) - if you switch to vpn after license has been checked all should be ok.
3. You have recent version of Google Play™ (Android Market) app installed.

In addition, we recommend to do the following with Google Play Store app (these steps may help you with most of issues with Google Play services):
1. Settings -> App manager > pick Google Play Store app from the installed app list.
2. Force Stop.
3. Uninstall updates.
4. Clear data.
5. Clear cache.
6. Restart Google Play app and wait until it shows the store welcome page. After that try to restart the app.

Also, we suggest to keep app in background (exit by HOME) once the license is cheked.

•If you have any technical problems please send an email to support@freeroam.me with the description of a bug/issue. Posting your troubles in the product reviews WILL NOT help us to fix them shortly as well as to determine if it is the application bug at all.

•Datastore mount browsing tips: vmwClient browses the datastore mounts on ESX(i) over SSH protocol (the desktop client does it over HTTPS under root account), hence you have to be sure that the SSH server is running on ESX(i) and your account(s) is granted with corresponding permissions for the datastore file operations.

™ vmwClient is a trademark of Freeroam.me
™ Android, Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.
® VMware, VMware vSphere, vCenter Server, ESX and ESXi are trademarks or registered trademarks of VMware, Inc.
® VNC is a registered trademark of RealVNC Ltd.