vmwPAD is the professional VMware vSphere™ management tool for Android™ tablets and smartphones. vmwPAD provides highly usable and straightforward GUI with all basic features for the vCenter/ESX(i) vSphere inventory monitoring/management. All of the most actual vCenter/ESX(i) versions are supported: 5.x, 4.x, 3.x.

Key features

  • Supports all of the most actual vCenter/ESX(i) versions: 5.x, 4.x, 3.x.
  • Works both for vCenter servers and standalone ESX(i) hosts.
  • Usable and intuitive GUI: Resizable and full screen expandable inventory view panels. Have a device with a tiny screen? It's ok. Just double click on particular inventory view panel and it will occupy the entire screen to let you control more things on it without much scrolling. In addition you can switch any combination of inventory "Tree", "Tasks" and "Details" panels depending on what you exactly need to monitor/manage at the current time.
  • Does not require any additional software like vSphere plugins, proxies, web services etc.: connects directly to vCenter/ESX(i).
  • Multiple connections to several vCenter/ESX(i) instances at the same time: you can work with different vCenter/ESX(i) instances simultaneously without of any performance loss.
  • Real time monitoring of the vSphere inventory state:
    1. overall state of the inventory tree and its items;
    2. the progress/status/details of the currently executed tasks;
    3. the detailed summary of the inventory entities (host systems, virtual machines etc.).
  • All of the basic inventory management operations supported:
    1. Virtual machines - run, stop, suspend, reset, take snapshot, revert to current snapshot, reboot guest, shutdown guest, rename, remove;
    2. Host system - enter/exit maintenance mode, reboot, shutdown, connect/disconnect, remove.
  • Virtual machine snapshot manager.
  • Virtual machine device settings editor.
  • VNC console for the virtual machines.
  • Performance monitor.
  • Data store mount browsing over SSH protocol.
  • Efficient network usage: vmwPAD pulls/sends only relevant inventory data at a time.


Once-only payment

Refund policy

  • During 15 min trial: Google Play refund policy.
  • After 15 min passed: First, following our "make product better" policy you will be asked to provide the text description and the screen-shots of the bug/problem etc. for the support team - please note: the product is not refunded without completion of this step. Once the first step is complete you will be refunded.


Those who get "License Check Error" on app startup please check the following:

  1. You are trying to launch the app being logged in to the same Google account you used to purchase the app.
  2. You have stable Internet connection - this is required only on first app startup (after reboot or long app idle) - if you switch to VPN after license has been checked all should be ok.
  3. Make sure you have installed the most recent available Google Play (Android Market) app.

If you have any technical problems please send an email to support@freeroam.me with the description of a bug/issue. Posting your troubles in the product reviews WILL NOT help us to fix them shortly as well as to determine if it's the application bug at all.

Those who use ESXi instances MUST have full ESXi license from VMware in order to let vmwPAD perform ANY inventory control operations. The free ESXi license allows only READ ONLY operations for the 3rd party clients

Data store mount browsing tips:

  1. Our client browses the data store mounts on ESX(i) over SSH protocol (the desktop client does it over HTTPS acting always as root), hence you have to be sure that the SSH server is running on ESX(i) and the certain user account has the appropriate rights for the operations you would like to perform.
  2. It is strongly advised to use passwords at least 8 characters length.

NOTE: the SSH private key authentication DOES NOT WORK on Android OS ver. less than 2.3 (Android Platform known issue).